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About Us

The B&L Community is an online platform that believes in a society in which equity is most important, a space where a person can share without the fear of judgement and a person can do good without any expectations. There is a very blatant lacuna in the education system of India which should involve Gender Studies and Disability Studies at an earlier stage, the lack of which leads to a prejudice being formed in the minds of people. Labels in the society are nothing but expressions of such prejudice by people and if and when there is a mental revolution, the labels will start to fade.

Our Team therefore, works with the intention to “Create a Silver Lining”.


To create a more well-informed society where we understand the true meaning of being human.



To encourage equity, delete labels and blur divides in the society.


Our Project

Project Humanism is our first project where we try to help the discriminated sections of the society while we stand by our deep-rooted beliefs and faith that we too can make an impact. To a woman walking alone in a dark and eerie alley, we believe in you. To a transgender person who was forced out of their home, we believe in you. To a differently abled person who carried the weight of the society’s low standards, we believe in you. To a victim of any form of abuse, we believe in you.

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