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Rae, Pansexual Transgender person (They/Them)

We're all human. We're all different people. We all have different thoughts and ideologies, based on the things that we have gone through that the other person may not know about. I can understand where they're coming from but that does not mean I agree with it and accept it.

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Arijit Biswas, Makeup Artist, Gay man (He/Him)

The way you behave, the way you express yourself, the way your manners are, the way you take certain things, the career you choose, how you treat others, what to do when you are and you are not aware about your sexuality - these are choices. But when it comes to sexuality and attraction, there is no choice. You can't trick your brain to make it believe that you are attracted towards something or someone. Suppose you like the colour red, you can tell yourself you like the colour brown but you'll be lying to yourself.

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Krishna.K, Singer-Songwriter, Pansexual Transgender man. (He/Him/Them)

I threw away the binary stereotypical toxic pink clothes and dolls and took to whatever really interested me. Pinks, blues, whatever I wanted. The rainbow, I'd say.

White Brick Wall
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Jan, Bisexual woman; Borderline Personality Disorder (She/Her)

It’s great to finally be my true self out of the closet and live my life without feeling the burden and guilt, and never for a moment I thought who I was was unnatural. It's all pink, purple and blue.

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Umang Sri, Gay man (He/Him)

The social construct is that a boy can only love a girl or a girl can only love a boy. They can't actually contemplate the idea that a boy can actually love a boy and can feel for it and can be completely unapologetic about it. Why not?

Why can't people understand that it's just you accepting your individuality and accepting the other person's individuality and that's what makes it beautiful?

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Ashwathy, a victim of body-shaming (They/Them)

So what if Im dark skinned, flat-chested and got skinny arms?Atleast I'm not the one shaming people who don't meet the society's unrealistic beauty standards

White Brick Wall
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Harshita Sonker, a victim of body-shaming (She/Her)

That's when it hit me. These remarks affected me so much then. I remember a guy who was so flippant about his statement , that he literally told me that I wouldn't get any guy have you seen yourself harshita

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Dhakshyanee, a victim of bodyshaming (She/Her)

It needs to be normalised. Talking about the trauma of people, you can't be judgemental about that. Sometimes, all you need from a person is for them to listen. Sometimes all you need is a lending shoulder.

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Reshmitha G Sarma, a victim of social labelling (She/Her)

"You're my bro Resh. You're not like the other girls." Guess what? I don't want that compliment.

Image by Joe Woods
Image by Joe Woods

Sri Sudharsan, a victim of bullying (He/Him)

This stuff has affected the way I behave around people, that's why you see me noticing people, how they behave, who they are.

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Harikrishnan, Childhood-onset Fluency Disorder (He/Him)

I do approach people and talk to them. I love socializing. But I'll keep having the thought of whether they'll want to talk to me. That will keep running on my mind.

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Gautham Rajan, a victim of colourism (He/Him)

Being compared to a crow at the age of 10 by my friends hurt me. A lot. But over time, I got used to the abuse. I made myself immune to it by focusing on doing the things I loved at the time. I'm used to it now.

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